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Wayne is proud to be the “Original Stamford Deva Stylist”

DEVACURL: Be True To Your Curl… Celebrate, Liberate, and Curlaborate One Curl at a Time.

Everyone has the potential for greatness when it comes to their hair, whether it be relentlessly kinky-curly or authentically straight and fine. If it’s respected for what it is, then advanced cutting can be designed around the individual.

¬†Wayne is pleased to educate you about cutting, caring, and coloring your curly hair with Deva : a cutting method and line of products specifically designed for curly hair. DevaCurl’s advanced hair care rescue system restores, rehydrates, and rejuvenates. The complete line of 100% sulfate-free cleansers, conditioners, and styling products respects hairs’ natural tendency to curl or wave. Great for women, men and children.

Straighten your curly girl, and she’ll be happy for a day. Teach her to love and care for her hair and she’ll be happy for life. Call Salon Wayne to learn more about the DevaCurl cutting method and complete line of haircare products.

DevaCurl Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Low-Poo and No-Poo?
A: No-Poo is zero-lather, specifically designed for dehydrated hair AND scalp. Low-Poo is recommended for normal to oil scalp.

Q: How often should I No-/Low-Poo?
A: When changing over to Deva, use the same routine as you would with a conventional shampoo. Once the hydration level in your hair improves, recommended shampooing is once or twice weekly. We do suggest wetting your hair and conditioning everyday until desired hydration level is achieved.

Q: What is the difference between DevaCurl, DevaCare, and DevaColor?
A: DevaCare has additional vitamin C and orange peel wax to slow color fading and oxidation. We also recommend DevaCare for dehydrated, blow-fried, color-treated and chemically processed hair. DevaColor contains additional balancing pigments for natural, color-treated, and chemically processed hair.

Q: Should I use a comb to detangle my hair?
A: No, use your fingers. They are the gentlest way to detangle your hair without causing breakage or disturbing the curl formation.

Q: Can I leave the One Condition in my hair?
A: Yes, however, should you decide to use B’Leave-In moisture supplement as well, we recommend rinsing out the One Condition completely as it may weigh down your curls when used in conjunction with B’Leave-In.

Q: What is the difference between a conventional bath towel, a paper towel, a cotton T-shirt, and a microfiber towel to dry my hair?
A: Bath towels are too absorbent and cause friction. Paper towels, T-shirts, and microfiber towels provide a smoother and flatter surface to absorb just enough water to allow the styling products to set the curls and keep them intact.

Q: What is AnGell’s function and will it leave my hair “hard”?
A: It is a moisturizing and defining gel. It crystallizes the wet curl formation until it dries to a “cast”. As soon as you scrunch the dry and hardened curls, the cast will dissolve, leaving your curls soft, bouncy, and enlivened. The more you scrunch, the more volume and curl expansion you will create. If you scrunch just enough to dissolve the cast, your curls will have more definition and less volume.

Q: What is Set It Free and when should I use it?
A: It is a 24-48 hour moisture lock infused with beeswax and olive oil. It provides additional frizz control, moisture, body, and curl definition. It can be sprayed on wet or dry hair.

Q: What is Mist-er Right and when should I use it?
A: This lavender-based tonic and hair refresher helps revitalize and enliven delicate and tired hair. Great for days you don’t want to do anything but freshen up your curl. Tilt head from side to side, while spraying and scrunching in a gentle upward motion toward the scalp.

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